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co latest 12th generation Intel® Evo™ processorSamsung Galaxy Book2 series laptops equip today’s hybrid workforce with the power to do more

With the recent rise in remote and hybrid work arrangements, Samsung’s latest line of PCs has been specifically designed to give users the flexibility and versatility they need in today’s mobile-first world.

With advanced performance, ultraportable design, enterprise-grade security and the trusted Galaxy experience, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book2 Pro include a variety of features and functions that allow employees and entrepreneurs to set up a premium workspace on the go.

Giving busy professionals the freedom to do more

Imagine being a busy business owner with multiple deadlines to meet and appointments to attend to. This hectic schedule is the everyday reality Jason Goldlist, Toronto-based entrepreneur and co-founder of TechTO and Venue Live. Samsung Canada recently spoke with Jason to learn about the important role technology plays in increasing your productivity throughout the day.

“With different business partners to meet, industry events to attend and now flights to catch, I’m constantly on the move throughout the day,” says Jason. “That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable technology by my side during days of non-stop activity because without it I almost feel powerless. That’s what I love about technology like the Galaxy Book2 series, as it offers improved performance and faster connectivity, regardless of whether you’re in a coffee shop or an airport lounge. When you sit down to work, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a premium computing experience through the latest Intel processor, allowing you to enjoy instant activation, improved responsiveness and a quality viewing experience .

While on the go, users of the Galaxy Book2 series don’t have to worry about carrying heavy and bulky equipment. Lightweight, ultraportable and with the freedom of Wi-Fi 6E connectivity[1], the Galaxy Book2 series is built for mobile work. With a super fast USB Type-C universal charger that can also power any other Galaxy mobile device[2]users can get away with carrying only one charger, saving them space in their travel bags and the effort of having to carry multiple chargers for their various devices.

Double productivity, double output

Jason tends to a variety of tasks during the day, from organizing live streams, collaborating with colleagues, to conducting video calls with potential Venue Live clients and putting the finishing touches on an investor presentation. This range of activities requires a laptop with a similar range of features. Fortunately, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 includes the power of a PC and the convenience of a tablet, with a versatile two-in-one design and a 360° hinge.

“It’s great to have something with this form factor that’s so powerful, so I can work in whatever way I need to, depending on what’s next on my to-do list,” says Jason.

The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 also comes with the S Pen stylus that feels and works like a real pen to help the busy remote worker jot down notes, mark up documents or sign documents.

“OS Pen can come in handy while commuting between appointments. Open your device when you’re on the go and easily find a note, edit a PDF directly, or sign a contract without having to worry about setting up a full workstation with a keyboard. When you have an effortless solution, your ideas flow naturally,” says Jason.

Stay connected anywhere

Technology has gained prominence in the workplace, with small and medium-sized business owners increasingly relying on it to increase flexibility in their business operations. For the busy entrepreneur juggling business deadlines and personal commitments, the single sign-on feature with a Samsung account provides instant access to apps and content on your Galaxy device, including Samsung Gallery, Samsung Notes and Galaxy Buds.

Also, when it’s time to upgrade, the Galaxy Book Smart Switch process helps transfer old data, photos, settings and more from a user’s old computer, regardless of manufacturer, to their new Galaxy Book2 Pro 360. Courtesy of Link to Windows / Microsoft Your Phone[3]users will immediately feel at home with the ability to pair their Galaxy smartphone with their Galaxy Book2 series laptop: cross-app continuity allows users to open their PC and pick up where they left off on their smartphone by displaying used apps recently and vice versa

Enhanced security supports remote file sharing

With more professionals connected from different locations, security is a top concern for both businesses and individuals. The Galaxy Book2 series offers an enhanced level of protection on Windows 11 and includes integrated hardware, firmware and software to increase protection against potential cyber attacks.

Small business owners also work on a variety of confidential documents and need to keep certain information private, whether it’s customer lists or operating procedures. With Private Sharing[4] on the Galaxy Book2 series, users can share confidential work documents with scheduled links and security options based on blockchain technology, including view-only access, which disables screen capture capabilities for others while viewing the data. Similarly, Quick Share[5]allows users to send large files with a Share Link option so recipients can share content between their computers and other devices, enabling collaboration from different locations.

Video calls with confidence

The shift to the remote hybrid organizational culture is driving digital transformation while providing employees with career and work-life balance opportunities.

The Galaxy Book2 series now features 1080p FHD webcams and wider viewing angles[6] to ensure a clear picture during every call. Studio mode[7] It has also been updated to include new features such as auto-framing that keeps the user perfectly focused even when moving within the frame.

Remote workers can also benefit from reduced eye strain when sitting in front of a screen all day. That’s because a new 1MM:1 contrast ratio will automatically adapt the screen to any lighting environment. When it comes to sound, two-way AI noise cancellation[8] it will block any distracting noise from the backgrounds of both the user and the other participants in the call. With the enhanced video calling experience, remote workers can handle calls with clarity and clarity, whether they’re working from a coffee shop, driving to their kids’ soccer practice, or enjoying the summer sun at a park.

Samsung Care+ for business

Earlier this year, Samsung Canada introduced a premium protection plan for corporate devices to help give today’s hybrid workforce extra peace of mind. Full service support offers worry-free repairs, an extended warranty of up to two years[9] and coverage for physical damage and liquid intrusion[10].

With the Galaxy Book2 series and Samsung Care+ for Business, today’s professionals can enjoy the flexibility, versatility, security and peace of mind of knowing their devices. e work are protected, wherever your working day takes you.

[1] Wi-Fi 6E network availability may vary by market, network provider and user environment. Requires optimal connection. It will require a Wi-Fi 6E router.
[2] The charger can power Galaxy devices that use the USB Type-C port
[3] Users must link their Galaxy device to their Windows PC via “Link to Windows” on the phone and the Your Phone app on the PC, follow the setup instructions, including signing in to the same Microsoft account. Link to Windows is preloaded on select Galaxy devices. Your phone requires Windows 10 April 2019 Update (or later) on your PC and recommends the latest version of Windows 11. Your phone requires your Galaxy device to be turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. Some mobile apps may restrict content from being shared on other screens or may require a touch screen to interact with them. Multiple Android apps can be launched simultaneously up to 5 simultaneously on Windows 11 PC.
[4] Private Share features for both sender and receiver require Galaxy devices running Windows 10, Android OS 10.0 (Q) and One UI 2.1 or higher, and the Quick Share app requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The transferable type, number, capacity and expiration date of files, as well as the number of simultaneous shared files in Private Share may be limited.
[5] The Quick Share feature allows you to share photos, videos and files between Samsung Galaxy devices. Quick Share is available on Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy tablets and Galaxy Books (as of May 2021), on Android 10 and One UI 2.1 or higher. Available devices and features are subject to change. Requires BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Wi-Fi Direct connection to enable Quick Share feature. Wi-Fi Direct must be enabled before using it.
[6] The Galaxy Book2 Pro series devices have an 87-degree field of view compared to the 77-degree field of view of the Galaxy Book Pro series.
[7] Activates automatically when using the camera. Studio mode may not work properly when third-party video call camera effects (backgrounds, face effects, etc.) are applied simultaneously. The auto framing feature requires face detection and may not work properly if the user is wearing a face mask. Features may vary depending on environment, lighting conditions, applications, device status, and other factors.
[8] It only supports VoIP applications including Zoom, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.
[9] Manufacturer’s limited warranty is 1 year, plus up to 2 years extended warranty, for a total of up to 3 years full warranty; available on select Samsung devices, including Galaxy XCover and Tab Active Series devices.
[10] For physical damage and liquid intrusion service requests, two (2) covered claims are allowed per 12-month period for the duration of Samsung Care+ for Business.

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