The tides have modified. After we launched our final Medium… | by Redlight Finance | November 2022

Chain creation prices have been improved as follows:

This was modified from 10% to fifteen% to keep away from individuals gaming the system.

When upgrading from SCR to SCP for example, the typical ROI of all 4 SCRs will likely be taken and utilized to your SCP.

Your V1 ROI will likely be withdrawn from all of your crimson chains. If you happen to had 115% ROI on SCR, you’ll have 115% in V2.

Made an adjustment to the price of coming into the regeneration vault when the time comes.

When coming into Sacrificial Vaults, a brand new chain (if you happen to get a series as an alternative of a booster) will now have the very best ROI assigned to it.

Because the protocol modifications, we needed to make the suitable changes elsewhere.

After resetting Max Pockets Enhancer, different Enhancers may even obtain changes.

To keep away from a loophole the place Max wallets can strategy limitless SCR with out affecting their SCBs’ ROI for a very long time, we have eliminated the characteristic for SCBs to construct a brand new SCR.

As you already know by now, solely 25 Witching Hours will ever be accessible. We have acquired a number of suggestions stating that it is unfair that these can be found on a first-come-first-served (FCFS) foundation, in addition to solely permitting individuals with a Max Pockets to take part of their buy.

Sadly, resulting from numerous modifications, we needed to delay among the options. They are going to come after the launch of V2 as we will nonetheless work on them with out interruption.

  • Hyperlink Enhancers will NOT be tradable at V2 launch (Nonetheless, when they’re, we are going to add Scarlet Nights to the sellables).
  • Modified reward timer to be common at 00:00 UTC. The motion timer will nonetheless be set to this time.

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