Mars shines excessive within the UK sky

Within the first half of December, observers of the Northern Hemisphere will have the ability to take pleasure in the most effective views of Mars till the 2030s. The pink planet will likely be excessive within the UK sky and can seem brighter than any star.

Mars is sometimes called probably the most Earth-like planet within the photo voltaic system, with desert landscapes, dormant volcanoes, water frozen in polar ice caps, and proof of long-vanished seas and floods.

At present, the fourth planet from the Solar, is a chilly and harsh world with a skinny ambiance of carbon dioxide, summer time temperatures reaching a most of 20 levels Celsius and winter temperatures on the poles dropping to -130 levels Celsius. Regardless of this, Mars continues to fascinate astronomers and planetary scientists, who regard it as one of many locations within the photo voltaic system the place life might have originated and should still be current.

Mars is half the dimensions of Earth and solely approaches us each 26 months. That is the time when Mars is reverse the Solar within the sky, in so-called opposition, and provides ground-based astronomers the most effective views to see the planet.

This 12 months, the opposition falls on December 8, and for the whole month, Mars will likely be at a distance of simply over 81 million kilometers. Mars can have a visible magnitude of -1.9, making it brighter than any star apart from the Solar, and unmistakably recognizable in entrance of the celebrities of Taurus, from the UK above the acquainted winter sample of Orion.

Credit score: Royal Astronomical Society

Mars’ elliptical orbit means some oppositions are higher than others, and the planet will likely be farther away for the remainder of this decade than this month. It will not be nearer to Earth till 2033, and it will not be till 2037 that the planet is within the skies over the UK.

By means of a telescope, Mars can have a disk with a diameter of 17 arc seconds (1 arc second is the same as 1/3600 of a level). It is nonetheless fairly small, however with persistence, cautious observers can see the polar ice caps and darkish markings on its floor.

On December 8, a spectacle is added when the Moon strikes in entrance of the planet. From London, Mars will likely be within the western sky when the Moon begins to obscure it round 04:58 GMT and the planet reappears at 05:59 GMT (time varies by location). It is a nice alternative for astrophotographers to take footage of the pink disk of Mars near the lunar floor.

Mars can also be at present being explored by a fleet of spacecraft. NASA, the European House Company, the Chinese language House Company and the United Arab Emirates have spacecraft that research the planet from orbit, rovers circle its floor, and even the primary helicopter to make quick flights within the Martian sky.

Courtesy of the Royal Astronomical Society

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